How to start a computer training center in Nigeria

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Many people have a laptop or a desktop at home but are yet to know how to use it effectively. Even people working in offices are yet to know how to use their laptops to perform advanced things. Besides this, many Nigerians are getting a new laptop or computer on a daily basis and need someone or a center that can help them get trained.

Another thing is many are yet to get a computer. The question is, who will train those ones? Do you think there is an opportunity of starting a computer training center in Nigeria? How profitable would this business be now and in the future? Is it worth starting a computer training in Nigeria today?

If you want to know the answer to the above questions, then don’t think of going anywhere, just keep reading this post.

1. Opportunities in a computer training business

  • The customers: Think of it, in Nigeria, we are more than 190 million and either you are old or young or growing up, we all need to know how to use a computer. This is to say, the potential customer is already there. people are buying computers on a daily basis and those that already have need someone to train them. Because the truth is; it is not all about having a computer but knowing how to use it.
  • Self-employment: Starting a computer training center will enable you to generate money on your own and you don’t have to work for someone else. Nothing better than being your own boss.
  • Extra income: Starting a computer training center will enable you to generate extra income like typing, printing, jamb test, CBT, etc…. We will get into more detail in this post.
  • Higher Income: Needless to tell you, many people that into the field of computers make more money and this is because the computer field requires technicity. It is not everybody that is good at operating and teaching people how to use a computer. The more you are in the field, there more you charge regardless of the competition.

2. How to get started with the computer training business (the knowledge)

Everything depends on you. You either do the training yourself or hire someone to do it while you take care of the management. If you don’t have the knowledge, hire someone to do the training because you can’t offer what you don’t have. Get a shop and the necessary tools to get started.

In case you want to do the training yourself, make sure you have an in-depth knowledge of computer software. In order the get the knowledge at first, you can buy some courses online, get a mentor, or watch some tutorials online. These will be helpful if you don’t have the knowledge or you have some basic knowledge and you are willing to learn.

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3. The capital needed to get started

To start a computer training, you will need a minimum capital to get started, unlike other businesses that might require less to no capital.

Depending on where you want to start the business, the price listed below may vary.

  • The rent: You will a good shop at a good location and this may cost you 300.000 to 500.000 naira. This amount includes the finishing, the rent itself, and the painting …
  • A printer: This will be useful if you are thinking of getting some extra income from your business. Also, if you want to show your students how they can print out their works after typing them. It will cost you 30.000 naira
  • Computers/laptops: You need some desktops that your students will be using during the training. It is also possible to ask your students to bring their own laptops. As we all know, practicing on their own can help them to assimilate fast what they are learning. So, it is ideal for your students to bring their own laptops.
  • A generator: Due to the power supply issue we are having in Nigeria, it is ideal to have a standby generator to avoid any disappointment.
  • First salary: If you plan to hire a computer teacher to handle the teaching aspect, you have to budget their first three months salary because you might not be able to generate money at the first place to pay them. Their salary totally depends on you. I recommend paying them well for them to be able to out their best.
  • Tables/Chairs: You will need tables and chairs for your students, teachers, and your secretary.
  • Fans/ Air condition: You need a ventilation system to make the place cool as well to keep your equipment in a good state. Remember dust can damage your equipment.
  • Whiteboard: For the teaching purpose, you will need a whiteboard.
  • A projector: Useful to share your screen with your students.
  • Lighting system: You need to illuminate the place.

 4. Tools and equipment needed

In order to run your business successfully, you will need some additional tools and equipment. We have talked about some of them in the previous subheading. Let’s see other additional tools needed.

  • Whiteboard Marker
  • Software
  • Ups
  • Internet connection
  • Books
  • Manuals

5. Your business registration

It is recommended to register your business with the CAC (corporate affairs commission) to avoid an issue with the local authority. The registration of your business also helps you to get the trust of your customers. Also, it facilitates the process of getting a loan from a bank.

The good news is, the registration of your business can now be done online.

6. The location of your business

Starting your business in a strategic place will definitively help you to grow your business fast. Get a good shop in a good location. It does not need to be a busy place since the business is all about teaching which requires a calm environment. Also, note that the office should not be established in an isolated environment for security reasons. Besides, having your office in an isolated place may lead to an increase in the transport fare of you, your students, and your customers. This may discourage some clients.

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While looking for an office, consider the following factors:

  • Accessibility: It is very important to get your office in a place that easy to access for your clients.
  • The rent: How much would the office cost you? Get a clean office that you can afford. Avoid working for the landlord by getting a very expensive office. Some people make this mistake and could not at times pay their office rent, learn from their mistakes.
  • The competition: If you are just starting this business for the first time, I will recommend avoiding a very competitive area unless you have what it takes to face the competition that is your budget, strategy, skill.

7. How to get your first customers

To get your first customers, you have to be willing to give a great offer at a cheap price. The goal is to make your business known to people. You can start by offering free training on how to use some basic software. After the free training, introduce and encourage your students to learn advanced software. But how would people get to know that you are offering free training if they are not aware?

To answer the question above, I will recommend you start by talking to your friends. They will help you talk to other people they know. They, in turn, will talk to their own friends and so on and so forth.

Another method you can use is to share flyers or promote the free offer on Facebook.

8. How to promote your computer training business

It is very important to give more attention to the marketing aspect of your business if you want to scale it very fast. If you don’t promote your business at all, it may likely die on time. You can promote your business by using online and offline marketing strategies. Let’s talk about them.

  1. Get a website: You can easily set up your website by using WordPress or hire a website designer to design a clean site for your business. On the site, talk about the different services you offer and things that make you special compared to your competitors. Add your contact information as well as the map that indicates your office.
  2. Social Media Marketing: Nowadays, we can’t underestimate the power of social media marketing and how it can help us target the right audience. Promote your business by making use of social media like Facebook, Instagram to increase your income.
  3. Use of flyers: Banners and flyers can help us to reach people offline. Sharing flyers is the easiest way to pass information related to our business to people we can meet on the street and other public places.
  4. Tv-advertisement: This is another powerful method to promote your business. Get a video production company that can help you create an appealing video that you will use as ads on a local TV.
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9. Pros and Cons of a computer training business

Pros of computer training business 

  • There is a broad range of potential clients in Nigeria and all over the world.
  • Computer training courses can be accessed all over the world. You can create some digital courses and host them on your site. These courses will only be accessible to paid members.
  • Computer training is a lucrative business. You can earn more than 150.000 monthly just by training your students. In case you have one-on-one students, you can earn more than that. Besides, you can get extra income by selling your digital courses to nearly everybody around the globe.
  • You can reduce your office expenses by opening the training center at home.

Cons of computer training business

  • Teaching is not for everybody as you might guess. No matter how good you are in the computer and the experience you have, teaching requires a special skill. Transferring your knowledge requires a special skill if not you might not be able to give out the best.
  • To train your students, you need to get some software that might be very expensive.

10. Other skills needed for the success of your business

  • Leadership: To run your business smoothly and successfully, you need to have leadership skills. Remember many people will be working under you and you have as well to manage your students. That being said, how can you lead your business to success if you can not manage your staff and your clients?
  • Public speaking: This skill is as well needful for the success of your business. Remember, if you will be the one to teach your students, you need to be comfortable talking in a public setting. Besides, you have to be comfortable talking to your staff and your prospects.

11. Your staff

As time goes on, your business will grow and you will need more hands to carry out your duty. Hire professional and well-trained staff that can help you in moving your business forward. You may need the following depending on the size of your business: teachers, secretary, account, cleaners, manager. Never hire any incompetent staff. They can easily run than your business. Keep in mind you have labored hard to reach this level.

12. Extra income

Computer training business comes with other means of getting money. You can generate more revenue by typing, binding, making a photocopy, selling A3 or A4 paper, pen, cd plat.

Another way of making money is to sell laptops or computer accessories like mouse, keyboard, printer …


During the course of this topic, we have considered the opportunities that abound in this business. We have also talked about the pros and the cons of the business as well. The question is, should you go into the business? If the question was directed to me, I will definitively say yes seeing all the benefits it will yield. Remember getting a good staff that gets help you grow your business.

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