How to start a blog business in Nigeria

make money from blogging

The purpose of this post is to teach you how you can make the maximum out of this blogging field. We are going to look at how to start a blog business in Nigeria not how to start a blog nor how to monetize a blog.

Although in this post, we might briefly talk about how to make money from a blog, the main purpose is to teach you how to turn this blogging into a business, so stick around because we have great content for you.

1. What is a blog

A blog can be defined as a site that educates people on certain topics. It is more of content rather than promoting something.

2. What is blog business

Well, this is a term we came up with on our own and we define it as turning blogging into a business. What does it mean? It is making money from a blog or many blogs without being a blogger. In another word, you don’t stress yourself over anything but you make good money from blogging.

Let’s go over the ways you can do that. But first, let talk about advantages or how profitable this blogging business is going to be.

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3. Advantages in a blog business

Passive income

First of all, there is money in it and this money keeps coming even if you are no longer putting much effort that is required at the beginning. This what we call passive income.

Imagine you have ads on your blog, these ads will keep generating revenue for you for a long so long as your blog exists.

No extra expenses like other businesses

You don’t pay rent if you are into blogging business because you and your team work online. You don’t pay any light bill or pay for fuel or any other expenses that a regular business pays.

No tax payment necessarily required

We don’t know if it is required to pay tax but many bloggers we know don’t pay anything to the government, they collect all the money.

4. How to make money from blogging business

Many people do have a blog but are finding it difficult to make the best out of it and this is because they have the wrong understanding of a blog. With that in mind, let take the first point on how to make money from the blogging business.

Educate yourself on blogging

Get a good knowledge of what a blog is, the pro and the cons, things you should expect, how long it going to take to start making money from it, what are the things required to succeed in the blogging industry.

Put a team together

If you want to start a blog as a business, you need to put a team together. You will need content writers, editors, web designers, graphic designers, a web developer, and some people that will work for you temporally.

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You need to invest

Like any other business, you need to invest in this business as well. Remember you have a team, you need to buy domains, hosting, data and you have to pay your employees.

5. Capital needed to start a blog business in Nigeria

The capital required depends on the number of blogs, and the size of your team at the beginning. Let say you want to get started with only one blog and scale later in the business.

You will need a domain 4500 naira, a good hosting that might cost you 20.000 a year for the start. You will have to hire and pay your editorial team. Let’s say you are paying 2000 per post for a well-written post and you want to go into at least two niches. You can hire two people that can be posting each one post a day and that is 60.000 naira each.

If you don’t have enough money, you can take things a little bit slow. You might just hire one person and get maybe 15 posts per month.

6. Your potential income

Every business owner wants to know how much he/she is going to make from his business, so let’s talk about it in this section.

We believe you’ve heard many bloggers making up to 500.000 naira monthly just by having only one blog. Imagine you are paying your staff 150.000 naira monthly, you are left with 350.000 naira without doing anything. you have your free time and you can easily monitor other businesses you are into. Now think of having many blogs?

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7. How to make money from your blog business

We have a full post on how to make money from a blog. Let’s just highlight the important points.

  • Use Google Adsense
  • Affiliate marketing
  • Ebooks
  • Selling of your products or services
  • Direct adverts


Not all businesses required a store. These days things are going digital so we need to embrace the digital age before it is too later. If you have any questions, do leave it in the comment section, we will try to answer them as soon as possible.

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