How to register someone (IBO) in Live PURE.

how to register someone in Live PURE

If you have been searching the internet to know how to register someone in Live PURE, don’t search further, this post is all about the registration process and the commission you stand to get by doing so.

First of all, let start with the importance of registering people.

1. Why you should register your prospects

If someone shows interest in our company and has given you his or her details, do well to register him/her. This is important because the company will keep sending him emails which might trigger him to take action later meaning contacting later on.

2. Why you should register your clients

A client is someone that got a pack through you. Registering the person will have many advantages.

A. Get your sponsor bonus

Without the registration, you won’t get the sponsor bonus. For example, if someone get a 60.000 naira pack, you get a sponsor bonus of 3700 naira.

sponsor bonus

B. Get the pack bonus

If a person get a pack for any health condition, you have to register him. That is the only way the company will know the person got the products through you and pay you at the end of the week (Friday of each week).

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pack bonus

What this means is that if someone gets a pack of 60.000 naira for example, you will be getting 3700 plus 11.100 for registering and activating the person’s account which means you are getting 14800 naira.

C. Accumulate points (PV)

In Live PURE, you go higher as you have people under you. Live PURE is a network marketing company therefor you need to register people and encourage them in turn to do the same. This will help you to grow. Although it is not compulsory to bring people in but doing so by registering them will push you higher.

This will also enable to become a bronze director, silver director etc…

rank bonus

3. How to register someone in Live PURE

First of log into your back office dashboard. Head over to

live pure dashboard

Go to business > Graphical genealogy

Look for an available spot and click on it. You will get a prompt dialogue box asking you if you want to register a New IBO as shown in the picture below. Click on “Yes”.

registration of a new IBO

The next step is to select the enrollment country (Ghana, Nigeria, Cameroon, Kenya etc. …) then click on New IBO.

On the next page, enter the person details and proceed with the registration. In the process you will be asked if you would like to place an order or autoship, proceed without order and autoship. All procedures are explain in the video below.

Note: Take note of the IBO number. That is what you will need for the activation of the account. In case you have forgotten, please head over to Business > Personally sponsor. You will get the name and IBO number of the person in that section.

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4. The second way you can register someone (IBO) in Live PURE

The alternative to the above option is to first of all log into your dashboard, then go to enrollment section straight. The next step is to choose the enrollment country and and rest.

5. Video tutorial on how to register someone in Live PURE

Videos are great in explaining things like registration, we have that in mind and that is why we are providing this well detailed video below. Please enjoy it.


If there is any part of this registration process that looks confusing for you, please reach out to us via Whatsapp on +234703 013 8408. If you are yet to join Live PURE, this page might be useful “How to join Live PURE“.

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