How to get PurXcel product in Ghana

purxcel in ghana

If you are living in Ghana and you have heard of PurXcel product and you are wondering how to get it, this post is for you. Make sure you read it through to get the best out of if. But first, let’s talk a little bit about PurXcel. What is it used for? Any benefit of using it?  Let’s try to answer these questions.

Note: Make sure you read the complete post and see how Purxcel and other products of PURE have helped many that were facing serious health challenges (Testimonies).

1. What is PurXcel

PurXcel is a proprietary blend of 18 complementary ingredients designed to help cleanse, balance and build the body through glutathione and superoxide dismutase support and production.

PurXcel promotes optimal health and longevity by supporting the body’s ability to neutralize damaging free radicals and remove toxins. Note: PurXcel is just one of the products sold by LIVE PURE. Pure sells other products like cleanse, daily build, Mila, organic sulfur, SleepTrim. We have full details on these products.

2. How to get PurXcel in Ghana

Basically there are two steps you need to take in order to get PurXcel in Ghana. Let’s talk about them. The first thing is to get registered and the second step is to select a package.

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A. How to get registered

You can either send us the following details (check below) and we do the registration for you or register yourself directly.

Information needed:

  • Full name
  • Phone number
  • Email address

Just click on the WhatsApp icon at the bottom right and send us the above information so we can register you for free.

If you wish to do the registration, follow the steps below.

  1. Go to 
  2. Select your country obviously which is Ghana.

    how to get purxcel in ghana registration
  3. Enter our sponsor number as shown below.
    getting purxcel in ghana process
  4. Accept the terms and conditions then move to the next page.
  5. Enter your personal information like name, email, and the rest then accept the terms and conditions once more.
  6. Proceed without order
    proceed without order
  7. On the next page, proceed without autoship.
  8. Your IBO number will be generated which means the registration was successful.

B. How to receive PurXcel product after registration

The reason why we skip “order” in the registration process is that most time, in the dashboard, you might not see the right combination of products wanted.

Here is the PURE order form for people in Ghana: new order form-ghana(30ctCleanse)updated. 
This is what it looks like:

ghana 100 pv combo pack

In the picture above, you have some combination of products and it is left for you to make a choice. It all depends on your health condition. You can reach out to us for assistance in making a choice.

After making your choice, pay the GHC540 or GHC810 into the PURE company’s account (details below)


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GTBANK: 201118496110
ECOBANK: 1441001094408

After the payment, send us the proof of payment alongside your full name, address, and phone number in order for us to process your order. If you want to pay on delivery, please reach out to us on Whatsapp. We will discuss

3. Combination of Pure products for certain health conditions

The picture below will be of great help in making the right choice of combo.

combination of products for certain health condition

4. How PurXcel has changed people live (Testimonies)

Below, you will see testimonies of People that have used PURE products in the past and how the products have changed their lives.

A. Eye treatment testimonies

In the first video testimony, the man was having vision issues. He could not read, not can he see things around him. Also, he could not drive because he was having a serious eye problem. After taking PurXcel, everything was reversed to normal. His testimony is amazing, please watch.

B. Testimonies on Diabetes treatment 

the woman giving testimony there was suffering from eye problem and diabetes. She went as far as India for treatment without any positive results. She came across PURE PRODUCTS and after taking them, that is the end of her suffering.

C. Testimony on fibroids treatment

Please listen to this woman that was suffering from fibroids and see how purxcel in combination with other PURE products helped her regain her good health.

5. Why you should buy PURE products

Besides the testimonies, there are more reasons to buy PURE products. Let’s talk about them.

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Our company has signed a partnership with the Nigerian Medical Association for their supplements to be used in all hospitals both for Preventive and Curative purposes. It has never been the case with other companies.

The second reason why you should buy PURE products is the fact they are Natural Organic supplements.

Thirdly, our products are FDA & NAFDAC approved and most importantly 2018 physician desk reference in the USA.


Before Live PURE company reaching Africa, if you wish to buy their products, you need to order the products all the way from the USA. We thank God that PURE is now at our doorstep. This is the right time to take advantage to get your products and get rid of any kind of eye problem, diabetes, kidney disease, arthritis, and so on. We have written on those health conditions.


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  1. on purXcel supplement now but have completed two bottles by end of today. found to be effective for diabetes cure.
    eventhough am not diabetic but have been told I have symptoms of it.
    will it be necessary to continue taking it. I started with the cleanse. if yes then I would like to buy. I saw that its Ghs15.00 per bottle. pse confirm

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