Purxcel dosage for certain health conditions

purxcel live pure products dosage

If you are yet to get PurXcel or you already have it probably in combination with other PURE products like Cleanse, Daily build, Organic sulfur, Sleeptrim, Mila and you would like to know how to use them, this post is for you. Make sure you read it through to get the best out of it.

1. PuXcel dosage (How to take PURE supplements)

If you have diabetes or eye problems like glaucoma, cataract, eye redness or high BP, etc and you got our products, please, this is how you should use them. Always start with cleanse ALONE for 7-10 days and then discontinue the cleanse. The next step is to take Purxcel and Organic sulfur alone (depending on your health condition). Remember not to take cleanse with Purxcel and organic sulfur or daily build at the same time.

A. Cleanse’s dosage

It all depends on your body mass index (BMI). If your BMI is great than 25, take 4 capsules twice a day. Take the capsules before your breakfast and your diner (empty stomach). If your BMI is less than 25, take 2 capsules twice a day. Two in the morning on an empty stomach (1 hour before a meal)  and two in the evening in an empty stomach before diner. Children (aged below 18) are to take two capsules twice a day. Remember to follow the guideline above regarding the number of days to take them and when to discontinue.

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B. PurXcel dosage

PurXcel is to be taken once a day. You may increase it to 1 capsule twice a day depending on how severe your health condition is. t is always recommended to take it on an empty stomach. Make sure you drink enough water as always.

C. Daily build dosage

We have Daily build liquid and the one in capsules. Take two capsules twice a day. Make sure you eat before taking the capsules also drink enough water. The Daily build capsule is to be taken twice a day by children. 1 in the morning and one at night. Regarding the Daily build liquid, take 10ml twice a day for children and 20 ml twice a day for adults.

D. Organic Sulfur dosage

You have to take 3 capsules twice a day. The dosage is recommended for adults only. Take enough water as usual and take the capsules when the stomach is empty. For the organic sulfur in powder, there is a small spoon there, 1 teaspoon mixed with warm water, morning and night empty stomach.

E. How to take Mila 

Mila is in powder (flour). For adults, add two tablespoons of Mila to your favorite beverage (yoghurt). For children, add 1 tablespoon twice to their beverage a day. Make sure you drink enough water.

F. SleepTrim dosage

You take only 2 capsules at night before you sleep. Drink enough water. dosage of pure products

2. Health benefits of the products

We have given in-depth detail on the health benefits of each of the above-listed products. You can check them out (Live pure products)

3. How to get the products

If you are yet to get these products, please do, reach out to us on WhatsApp or call us on +234703 013 8408. We will help you to get the products in a short period of time.

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4. Health conditions you can use PURE products for

Pure products can be used for the following health conditions (Check the picture below) combination of products for certain health condition

5. How much are the products

Purxcel cost 12.000 naira, cleanse 5.000 naira, daily build, sleeptrim, organic sulfur cost 25.000 each. The good news is, these products come in pack and we have a pack of 51.500 naira, 77.000 naira, 212.000 naira.

  • In a pack of 51.500 naira, you can get 6 cleanse and 2 purxcel or 3 cleanse and 3 purxcel
  • The pack of 77.000 naira acomes with either: 6 cleanse 4 purxcel and 1 organic sulfur or 6 cleanse 4 purxcel and 1 Daily build or 6 cleanse 4 purxcel and 1 sleeptrim.
  • In 212.000 naira pack, you can get 2 Organic Sulfur 2 Mila + 2 Daily build  + 6 PurXcel + 6 Cleanse or 2 Sleeptrim 2 Mila + 2 Daily build  + 6 PurXcel + 6 Cleanse ,etc …

You can reach out to us for more information on this.

6. Why you should get PURE products

Besides the testimonies, there are more reasons to buy PURE products. Let’s talk about them.

Our company has signed a partnership with the Nigerian Medical Association for their supplements to be used in all hospitals both for Preventive and Curative purposes. It has never been the case with other companies.

The second reason why you should buy PURE products is the fact they are Natural Organic supplements.

Thirdly, our products are FDA & NAFDAC approved and most importantly 2018 physician desk reference in the USA.

The foundation of success in life is good health, that is the substratum fortune; it is also the basis of happiness. A person cannot accumulate a fortune very well when he is sick. P. T. Barnum


Get Live PURE products, follow purxcel dosage, cleanse’s dosage, and the rest of the products depending on your health condition and get back on track.


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  1. Thanks for your information so far.but my question is . how for each of the products needed for each health condition?
    E.g Diabetes – cleanse, organic sulphur and purexcel .how many of each of the products?

    1. It all depends on how severe the person’s health condition is. Generally, we recommend a pack for 2 months treatment for diabetes which contains 3 cleanse 5 purxcel, and 1 organic sulfur. Please refer to each health condition to get more information on the number of products needed for the treatment.

  2. Please I have purxcel, organic sulphur and sleep trim. How will i take them. I know i am supposed to take Purcell in the morning and evening. When will I take others please

  3. I procured pure cleanse and purxcel for diabetes without organic sulphur. What do I do now. I just commenced taking purxcel today Monday 9, 2020. My regards.

  4. What product of purxcel can I use to treat specifically the following;diabetes pressure erectile disfunction backpain a

  5. I have a pack of pure products for fibroids treatment which contains 2 Milla, 6 Cleanse and 1 Purexcel. I finished the cleance on Friday morning. Guide me on how to use the Purexcel and the Mila

  6. Hello,
    I find this very strange – hard to believe. I am a patient with Glaucoma and all along I was made to understand that it has no cure at the moment. But as a Muslim I know I am not suppose to loose hope in the mercy of Allah, so that was what made me read about your product when I came across it a couple of hours ago.
    I am poor but I really would like to test this medicine, this there any special help you can give me, probably discount or something.

    1. I want to believe you have already reached out to us. Otherwise please you can contact us on +2347030138408. The same number is on whatsapp.

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