PurXcel for Benign tumor treatment

purxcel product for benign tumor treatment

Benign tumors are noncancerous growths in the body. Unlike cancerous tumors, they don’t spread (metastasize) to other parts of the body. In this post, we will be taking a look at how to treat this benign tumor with Purxcel products. Benign tumors can form anywhere. If you discover a lump or mass in your body that can be felt from the outside, you might immediately assume it is cancerous. For instance, women who find lumps in their breasts during self-examinations are often alarmed. However, most breast growths are benign.

As a matter of fact, many growths throughout the body are benign. Benign growths are extremely common, with 9 out of 10 women trusted Source showing benign breast tissue changes. Benign bone tumors, similarly, have a higher prevalence than malignant bone tumors.

1. Causes of benign tumors

The exact cause of a benign tumor is often unknown. It develops when cells in the body divide and grow at an excessive rate.

2. Types of benign tumors

There are a fair number of benign tumors that can develop in different parts of the body. Benign tumors are classified by where they grow. Lipomas, for example, grow from fat cells, while myomas grow from muscle. Different types of benign tumors are included below:

  • Adenomas form in the thin layer of tissue that covers glands, organs, and other internal structures. Examples include polyps that form in the colon or growths on the liver.
  • Lipomas grow from fat cells and are the most common type of benign tumor, according to the Cleveland Clinic. They are often found on the back, arms, or neck. They are usually soft and round, and can be moved slightly under the skin.
  • Myomas grow from muscle or in the walls of blood vessels. They can also grow in smooth muscle, like the kind found inside organs such as the uterus or stomach.
  • Nevi are also known as moles. These are noncancerous growths on the skin and they are very common.
  • Fibroids, or fibromas, can grow in the fibrous tissue found in any organ. They are most common in the uterus, where they are known as uterine fibroids.
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3. symptoms of benign tumors

Not all tumors, cancerous or benign, have symptoms. Depending on the tumor’s location, numerous symptoms could affect the function of important organs or the senses. For example, if you have a benign brain tumor, you may experience headaches, vision trouble, and fuzzy memory. If the tumor is close to the skin or in an area of soft tissue such as the abdomen, the mass may be felt by touch. Depending on the location, possible symptoms of a benign tumor include:

  • chills
  • discomfort or pain
  • fatigue
  • fever
  • loss of appetite
  • night sweats
  • weight loss

Source: healthline

4. How to treat benign tumor with PurXcel

The treatment of Benign tumor with Live PURE requires getting the following products:

  • Cleanse
  • PurXcel and
  • Organic sulfur

If you wish to know the health benefits of each of the above products, please take a look at “live Pure products

5. Testimony

People are saying good things about PURE products because the products are very effective. Like this man in the video below, you too can get rid of your benign tumor if you get them now.

6. How to get PurXcel for benign tumor treatment

We have two packs available for the treatment of benign tumor. We have one month treatment pack and two months treatment pack.

  • In a pack of 51,500 naira (one month pack), you will get 6 cleanse and 2 purxcel.
  • In a pack of 77.000 naira (two month pack), you will get 6 cleanse and 4 purxcel and 1 organic sulfur (That is 25.800 naira additional to get the double of the pack of 51,500).
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7. Importance of getting a full pack

The above combination is also used for diabetes, fibroids treatment (for ladies). What that means is aside from the benign tumor treatment, the products will also help you control the sugar level in your blood. combination of products for certain health condition

8. How to take the supplement for benign tumor’s treatment

First of all, you have to start with cleanse for 7 – 10 days only before taking the rest (purxcel and organic sulfur).

  • Cleanse: Depending on your body mass, if you are fat, take 4 capsules twice a day if not take two capsules twice a day.
  • Purxcel: Take only one capsule a day.
  • Organic sulfur: Take 3 capsules twice a day.

dosage of pure products

9. How to get the products to treat the benign tumor

First of all, make a choice of the pack you want then pay into PURE company’s account and send the proof of payment to us. We will process your order immediately. The account details are below.

Access bank: 0797443743
First bank: 3139941608
Zenith bank: 1016485481

We usually recommend the two months pack because with it you will get more products and get the best result. Remember organic sulfur is included in the two months pack which is vital for benign tumor treatment.

After the payment, please send us the proof of payment on WhatsApp on +234703 013 8408. If you want to pay on delivery, still contact us on +234703 013 8408.

10. Why you should buy PURE products

Besides the testimonies, there are more reasons to buy PURE products. Let’s talk about them.

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Our company has signed a partnership with the Nigerian Medical Association for their supplements to be used in all hospitals both for Preventive and Curative purposes. It has never been the case with other companies.

The second reason why you should buy PURE products is the fact they are Natural Organic supplements.

Thirdly, our products are FDA & NAFDAC approved and most importantly 2018 physician desk reference in USA.

The foundation of success in life is good health: that is the substratum fortune; it is also the basis of happiness. A person cannot accumulate a fortune very well when he is sick. P. T. Barnum


If you are having any health challenge, the earlier you treat it the better because as you may know, if neglected, this could lead to further complications. Do you want to know other health conditions that one can use PurXcel for? Check this health category.

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