PurXcel product for natural Eye treatment

purxcel pour le traitement naturel des yeux

We have a good news for you all having eye problems and it is all about Purxcel for eye treatment. Recently, the Nigerian government has welcomed a new health-promoting technology called PUREGen by NAFDAC.

This product is made of 18 different complementary ingredients that are designed to cleanse, build, and balance the cells in our body. More on that in the post.

Take Note: If you are living in Ghana, Nigeria, Cameroon, Kenya, Uganda, Tanzania, Congo, you can as well get these products easily. Just chat us up on WhatsApp on +234703 013 8408.

1. Importance of treating your eye rapidly

No doubt, you will agree with us that our eyes are very important part of our body. They are like the headlight of a car. Without the headlight of a car, it is likely the owner driving in darkness will fall into a hole or have a serious accident that will cause his/her life.

With that illustration, we want to help you picture in mind how important eyes are.

If at all possible we don’t even want any surgery on our eye, why? Because we value it and we don’t want to lose our sight. How can we fix our eye problems naturally without any surgery? There PurXcel comes in.

2. Why you should choose PurXcel product

PurXcel is the right product that has proven over a long period of time to be effective. Many are saying good things about the product. As we mentioned in the introduction, it is a product that is made of 18 different complementary ingredients that are designed to cleanse, balance, and build our body at a cellular level.

The coolest part is that regardless of how long the problem has been there, PurXcel product will take good care of it.

PurXcel has all it takes to dissolve all kinds of eye problems in order for you to regain clean sight and with no side effects and most importantly without any kind of surgery.

3. Eye surgery vs Purxcel for natural eye treatment

It is very common to hear from many people in Nigeria or in Africa that a surgery was not done properly and they have to do it once more or things like that.

keep in mind, your eyes are very important and you don’t want someone to play with them. The truth is we don’t have many qualified eye surgeons in the country, therefore, people prefer going abroad for such kind of surgery.

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If an eye surgery goes wrong, you could become totally blind. It does happen.

The main question is, why go for a surgery when you can treat your eye problem like cataract or glaucoma naturally with purxcel product?

4. Eye problems PUXRCEL does reverse.

The purxcel product for eye treatment can reverse the following eye problems:

  • Cataracts: The progression of the cadmium will be stoped by the product effectively. Also, it clears the clouded lens effectively if it was affected by cataracts.
  • Blurry Vision: If you can see clearing while reading or watching movies, after taking this product, you will gain a clear view once again. Tears will stop coming out of your eye if you do experience it while using your phone.
  • Glaucoma: PURXCEL product eliminates any existence of Glaucoma in the eye and prevents any further damage.
  • Hypermetropia:  is a condition of the eye in which light is focused behind, instead of on, the retina. This results in close objects appearing blurry, while far objects may appear normal. This problem is also reversed by the product.
  • Myopia: is a common vision condition in which you can see objects near to you clearly, but objects farther away are blurry. It is the opposite of hypermetropia. This eye problem is also reverse buy the product.
  • Itchy eyes: Most of the time, itchy eyes are caused by some type of allergy. An irritating substance (called an allergen) — such as pollen, dust and animal dander — causes the release of compounds called histamines in the tissues around the eyes, which results in itchingredness and swelling. PurXcel does fix Itchy eye.
  • Red eyes: usually are caused by allergy, eye fatigue, over-wearing contact lenses or common eye infections such as pink eye (conjunctivitis). However, redness of the eye sometimes can signal a more serious eye condition or disease, such as uveitis or glaucoma.

5. What people are saying about Purxcel for eye treatment.

I might not be able to convince you with my words, but I believe hearing from people that have used it and have seen results, you will be moved to take action.

A. Video testimonies

In the first video testimony, the man was having vision issues. He could not read, nor can he see things around him. Also, he could not drive because he was having a serious eye problem. He was diagnosed with Glaucoma but after taking PurXcel complete pack, everything was reversed to normal. His testimony is amazing, please watch.

Before you take a look at another testimony, here is the full testimony of the above man who was suffering from glaucoma (he had NO hope), but with the help of our products, he has gained his sight back.

Second video testimony about PurXcel

This man also was having problem with his eyes. A liquid was coming out his eye and the eyes were itching him. After taking PurXcel in very short time, he has seen changes.

Third video testimony

Pure Purxcel products work that is the reason we are getting so much positive feedback. Please pay attention to what this woman has to say in the video below.

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B. Testimony receive from some of our patients on WhatsApp

We love following up with our patients to see how their health conditions are getting. Below are some conversations with them.

purxcel product testimony

C. Another testimony about PurXcel received on WhatsApp

Because we care. we do follow up.

purxcel eye product testimony on whatsapp chat
Testimony of purxcel we received in our conversation with a client.

D. Testimony in our group chat

In one of our PURE groups chat, a member was reporting a testimony he has received from a patient that was having eye problem. Check the image below.

purxcel for eye treatment

E. Testimonies on facebook

We have received testimonies on facebook.

purxcel eye product testimony on facebook
Testimony on facebook

6. What others are saying about PurXcel product

Among other testimonies, we have the following:

When I saw it online I thought it was just one of those internet things … My eyes were to give me a constant migraine. I decided to order the product. Honestly, I could not believe the PurXcel actually works well, so fast and instant. I have been using it for 2 weeks now and I have seen a lot of changes, my eyes don’t itch me and get red anymore and I can see very clearly now.

Mrs. Jeniifer Maduekwe

Mr. Jubril Aina: “All of the eye supplements and drugs I had bought before has been a complete failure and waste of money, I never knew I would one day get the one that will completely work on my Glaucoma and Cataract. This your PurXcel is the real deal and it works very well, my eye problem of 7 years is gone after using the 3 bottles, and now I can read without my glass and drop”.

7. How to treat your eye with PurXcel

First of all, we believe you know that when one is having malaria, for example, the doctor doesn’t just prescribe the malaria drug rather they prescribe a combination of products for effective result.

The same goes for Purxcel. Although Purxcel is the main product for eye treatment, we would recommend you get some additional products made by PURE company.

The combination of the products has proven to be very effective on many of our patients. The additional products are Cleanse and Daily build.

  • PURXCEL product which costs 13.000 naira
  • Cleanse product which costs 5.000 naira as well.
  • Daily build which costs 25000 naira.

In order to get the products at a cheaper price, we advise you to get a pack directly from the company that is producing the products which will be discussed in another section below. The price of each pack and the combination of products in each are discussed below.

8. What would be in your pack

  • With 51,500 naira (ZAR 2,200, or CFA65,880, or 540 GHC) you will get 2 purxcel and 6 cleanse or 3 cleanse and 3 purxcel.
  • With 77.000 naira (ZAR 3,200, or CFA98,820, or 810 GHC), you will get 1 daily build, 4 purxcel and 6 cleanse or 1 daily build, 5 purxcel and 3 cleanse

Just take a moment and think of how you will feel if you are no longer having your current eye problem. Won’t you feel relieved? If yes, the solution is in your hand. Get the products today and get your eye problem reversed.

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9. How to take the PURXCEL product

PurXcel: It is taken #1capsule daily but can be increased to #1 twice daily depending on the severity of health challenges.

Cleanse: 7-10 days total body detox .. you are to take 2 capsules twice daily if you are thin or 4 capsules twice daily if you are fat for adults then 2 capsules twice daily for aged 18 years below

Daily build liquid: 10mls taken twice daily while capsules should be taken #2 morning # 2 @ night.

dosage of pure products

10. How to buy PurXcel product

First of all, make the decision on which pack you should go for then make the payment and send the proof of payment to us.

If you are not residing in Nigeria and you want to get PURE products, do let us know by reaching us on Whatsapp on +234703 013 8408. We can link you up with an agent in your country. We have been doing that.

Access bank: 0797443743
First bank: 1000824955
Zenith bank: 1016485481

After the payment of 51,500 naira (ZAR 2,200, or CFA65,880, or 540 GHC) (One month pack) or77.000 naira (ZAR 3,200, or CFA98,820, or 810 GHC) (2 months pack) into the PURE’s account that is the company’s account, next, send the proof of payment to us on Whatsapp on 0703 013 8408. The products will be shipped to your destination for free. We recommend 2 months pack for effective results.

If you want to pay on delivery, please contact us on +234703 013 8408.

11. Why you should buy PURE products

Besides the testimonies, there are more reasons to buy PURE products. Let’s talk about them.

Our company has signed a partnership with the Nigerian Medical Association for their supplements to be used in all hospitals both for Preventive and Curative purposes. It has never been the case with other companies.

The second reason why you should buy PURE products is the fact they are Natural Organic supplements.

Thirdly, our products are FDA & NAFDAC approved and most importantly 2018 physician desk reference in the USA.

The foundation of success in life is good health: that is the substratum fortune; it is also the basis of happiness. A person cannot accumulate a fortune very well when he is sick.

P. T. Barnum

12. Other products produced by PURE Company

Live PURE has a variety of products that you might be interested in. Apart from Purxcel, cleanse, and daily build, we have the following:

  • Mila: 25.000 naira
  • Organic sulfur: 25.000 naira
  • Sleeptrim: N25,000


To wrap up everything, remember our eyes are very important to us, without them, we can’t nearly do anything, so if you value your sight, consider buying the product right now. Another thing is joining or register with the company and get your products are the rate of the company if you wish to do so.

Without your health, you’ve got nothing going on. I thank God every day for good health.

Ric Flair

We have other posts on other health condition, you can check them out.

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