Purxcel reviews (Is it really effective?)

purxcel and cleanse

Many people that have heard about Purxcel want to know if it worth the price. In this post, that is what we will be taking a look at. Does it really worth buying?

It normal to know what people that have used the product are saying about it before taking action. We don’t want to waste our money since it is hard to get money most importantly in this period of recession. Without delay, let’s dive right into it.

1. PurXcel reviews – What are people saying about the product?

First of all, you need to understand the Purxcel product has a lot of health benefits what that means is that it is used to treat different diseases. Let’s take a look at some health benefits of purXcel.

Helth benefits of PurXcel

  • Targets the signs of aging (anti-aging)
  • Supports immune health and promotes a healthy inflammatory response
  • Provides nutritional support to the body’s antioxidant defense systems
  • Delivers comprehensive antioxidant protection against a diverse range of damaging free radicals
  • Fights oxidative stress (helps balance the ratio of antioxidants and cell-damaging free radicals)
  • Offers liver function support to assist internal detoxification
  • Assists the body’s removal of toxins (detoxification)
  • Helps improve the perception of stress and physical and mental fatigue
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2. Purxcel reviews on eye treatment

We have compiled some amazing reviews on how PurXcel (of course with the combination of some other products of the same company) has helped many people to reverse their eye problems.

Videos reviews

Below are some reviews from a man that was suffering from a blurry vision. He could not see clearing things around him, could not read, and found it difficult to drive. His review is indeed touching. Please watch.

Another review from a person suffering from Cataract.

We have also received some amazing purXcel reviews on facebook

Mr Emmanuel Yakubu loves Purxcel. After four years of using glasses, he has finally dropped them after getting Purxcel for eye treatment.

purxcel testimony on facebook

Direct PurXcel reviews or testimonies on whatsapp

These are real testimonies from people that have used the Purxcel to treat their eyes. As you see from our chats, the product has really helped them.

purcel eye treatment product
Purxcel review

Another PurXcel review on whatsapp

testimony on whatsapp about purxcel

3. Cleanse, Purxcel reviews on diabetes

Let start with this woman that was suffering from both eye problem and diabetes. She could not wear cover shoe because of the diabetes she was suffering from. She went to India for treatment with no positive result. After using our products, she free from diabetes and could wear cover shoes. I urge you to take a minute a listen to her comment.

The combination of Purxcel with other products of PURE has helped Mr Daddy Showkey a Nigerian singer cure his diabetes. He was a diabetes patient but by the grace of God, after taking our products, he is no longer having it.

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daddy showkey on diabetes
About Daddy Showkey

What daddy showkey has to say about PURXCEL

4. How to get the Purxcel product and other products

It is simple to get the products. What you need to do is to call/whatsapp us on +234703 013 8408. In our chat, we will first of all try to determine what you’re suffering from, how severe is your situation, then we give you the recommended products.

Basically, we have two different packs.

  • With 51.500 naira, you will get 2 purxcel, and 6 cleanse or 3 cleanse and 3 purxcel.
  • With 77.000 naira, you will get 1 organic Sulfur, 5 purxcel and 3 cleanse or 6 cleanse, 4 purxcel, 1 Organic sulfur.

5. Other products of LIVE PURE

PUREGen has a variety of products that you might be interested in. Apart from Purxcel, cleanse, and daily build, we have the following:

  • Mila: 25.000 naira
  • Organic sulfur: 25.000 naira
  • Sleeptrim: N25,000
  • Cleanse: N5000
  • Daily Build: N25.000


There is a popular saying that is “health is wealth”. What it means is without good health, you can do anything. Just think of it, the last time you were sick, what were you able to do? On that note, I urge you to take your health seriously especially if it has to do with your eyes. Get Purxcel today and say bye to your eye problem. Many purxcel reviews have shown that.

The foundation of success in life is good health: that is the substratum fortune; it is also the basis of happiness. A person cannot accumulate a fortune very well when he is sick.

P. T. Barnum

We have other posts on other health condition, you can check them out.

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