purxcel in uganda

How to get PurXcel, cleanse and daily Build in Uganda

In the month of April 2021, Live PURE was officially launch in Uganda. The first  products launched are Cleanse, purxcel and Daily build. In this post, we are going to discuss the health benefits... Read more »
live pure cleanse

Live Pure Cleanse dietary supplement

On this page, we are going to tell you how to Live Pure cleanse can be very helpful for your health condition. If you are suffering from Ulcer, infection, or Fibroids, this product is for... Read more »
purxcel in kenya

How to get PurXcel product in Kenya

Are you living in Kenya and you have heard about PurXcel products and you want to know what the product is used for or you are wondering how to get them? On... Read more »
live pure goyin dietary supplement

Live PURE GoYin dietary supplement

Dietary Supplement Experience the delicate art of balance with this uniquely formulated GoYin balancing blend – a delicious way to restore well-being. GoYin is a proprietary, clinically validated blend of warming and... Read more »
purxcel breast lumps

Purxcel for breast lumps treatment

Most breast lumps are noncancerous, which means they are benign. You might be surprised to find a breast lump, but it’s important to remember that it may not affect your long-term health.... Read more »
live pure networking company

How to join Live Pure network marketing in Nigeria

Live Pure network marketing company, the American company behind the production of Purxcel, cleanse, daily build, etc … has finally reached Nigeria. Currently, we have 6 live Pure products in Nigeria which... Read more »

PurXcel for Autism treatment (complete pack)

Autism is a serious developmental disorder that impairs the ability to communicate and interact. In Nigeria alone, more than 100 thousand cases per year (Nigeria) is discovered. On this page, we will be talking... Read more »
purxcel for cataract treatment

PurXcel for cataract treatment (complete pack)

If you have been diagnosed of cataract and were told that only solution to correct the eye defect is surgery, well we have a good news for you which is a new... Read more »
purxcel for glaucoma treatment

PurXcel for Glaucoma treatment (complete pack)

Have you heard of the new and effective supplement that has helped thousand of people to recover their sight? It is called PurXcel. On this page, we will talking about this product,... Read more »
how to register someone in Live PURE

How to register someone (IBO) in Live PURE.

If you have been searching the internet to know how to register someone in Live PURE, don’t search further, this post is all about the registration process and the commission you stand... Read more »