How to treat a child development delay with Mila

child development delay treatment

What comes to your mind if one mention “child development delay” ? Is it a child not walking on time? or not talking on time? What is a child development? Let’s answer these questions and then talk about how you can treat a child development delay.

What is a child development delay

Developmental Delay is when your child does not reach their developmental milestones at the expected times. It is an ongoing major or minor delay in the process of development. If your child is temporarily lagging behind, that is not called developmental delay.


Types of child development delay

Let’s go over the different types of child development delay.

Fine and gross motor skill delay (First type of child development delay)

Fine motor skills include small movements like holding a toy or using a crayon. Gross motor skills require larger movements, like jumping, climbing stairs, or throwing a ball.

If your child is exhibiting some the following signs, he/she might have delays in developing certain fine or gross motor functions:

  • floppy or loose trunk and limbs
  • stiff arms and legs
  • limited movement in arms and legs
  • inability to sit without support by 9 months old
  • dominance of involuntary reflexes over voluntary movements
  • inability to bear weight on legs and stand up by about 1 year old
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Speech and language delay (second type of child development delay)

At 12 to 15 months old, infants should be able to say two or three simple words, even if they aren’t clear.

Most toddlers can say several words by the time they are 18 months old. When they reach the age of 3, most children can speak in brief sentences.

Speech and language delay aren’t the same. Speaking requires the muscle coordination of the vocal tract, tongue, lips, and jaw to make sounds.

A speech delay occurs when children aren’t saying as many words as would be expected for their age.

A language delay occurs when children have difficulty understanding what other people say or can’t express their own thoughts. Keep in mind language includes speaking, gesturing, signing, and writing.

Autism spectrum disorder (Third type of child development delay).

Autism spectrum disorder (ASD) is a term used to describe several neurodevelopmental conditions. Autistic people may think, move, communicate, and process senses differently from neurotypical people.

Some symptoms include:

  • not being responsive to their name
  • dislike of cuddling or playing with others
  • lack of facial expression
  • inability to speak or difficulty speaking, carrying on a conversation, or remembering words and sentences
  • repetitive movements
  • development of specific routines
  • coordination problems

What causes a child developmental delay?

Developmental delay can have many different causes, such as genetic causes (like Down syndrome), or complications of pregnancy and birth (like prematurity or infections). Often, however, the specific cause is unknown. Some causes can be easily reversed if caught early enough, such as hearing loss from chronic ear infections, or lead poisoning.

Developmental delay can also be a symptom of other underlying medical conditions, including:

Mila, Purxcel, and Daily build for treating a child development delay.

mila supplement

To treat a child development delay, you will need the following products:

  • Purxcel
  • Mila
  • Daily build
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Health benefits of the products

Let’s talk about the health benefits of each of the products and how they can help a child development delay.

Health benefits of Mila

  • It contains important nutrients such as calcium, magnesium, phosphorus for bone health.
  • Mila contains Alpha-linolenic acid & omega 3 fatty acid for normal growth & development of brain function.

Health benefits of Daily Build

  • It provides broad-spectrum antioxidant protection
  • Daily Build support cardiovascular health
  • The supplement supports blood glucose
  • It also supports healthy brain
  • Daily Build aslo support the hemoglobin
  • It protects the nervous system
  • The product supports a healthy immune system
live pure daily build product

Health benefits of PurXcel

  • Supports immune health and promotes a healthy inflammatory response
  • Provides nutritional support to the body’s antioxidant defense systems
  • Delivers comprehensive antioxidant protection against a diverse range of damaging free radicals
  • Fights oxidative stress (helps balance the ratio of antioxidants and cell damaging free radicals)
  • Offers liver function support to assist internal detoxification
  • Assists the body’s removal of toxins (detoxification)
  • Helps improve the perception of stress and physical and mental fatigue.
purxcel product

How to get these products to treat a child development delay

You have two options. Either you get a pack of 51.500 naira or a pack of 77.000 naira.

  • In a pack of 51.500 naira, you will get: 1 Mila and 2 Purxcel or 1 Mila and 1 daily build liquid.
  • In a pack of 77.000 naira, you will get 2 Mila, 2 Purxcel and 1 daily build liquid.

As you can see, the second pack has all the products which we highly recommend you go for if you really want to get the best result.

What some parents say about our products (Testimonies).

Hearing from the people that used the products might convince you to get them right away. Below are two amazing testimonies. The first one is about a child having a speech delay problem. Please watch and pay attention to what the woman is saying in the video.

Another testimony below. The results speak for themselves.

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How to pay for the products

Make your choice on the package you want to go for then pay into the PURE COMPANY’S ACCOUNT.

Access bank: 0797443743
First bank: 1000824955
Zenith bank: 1016485481

After the payment of 51.200 or 77k into PUREGEN NIGERIA LIMITED account above, send the proof of payment to us on +234703 013 8408. If you are not residing in Nigeria and you want to get PURE products, do let us know by reaching us on whatsapp on +234703 013 8408. We can link you up with someone in your country. We have been doing that as well.

How to take the products

Daily build liquid: 10mls taken twice daily while capsules should be taken #2 morning # 2 @ night

Mila: Add 2 tablespoon of Mila to your favorable beverages, yoghurt, salads, cereals, smoothies & other recipes any time of your choice
Start with 1 tablespoon twice a day for children
It can be used as thickener for preparing your soup & other meals.
Good for a child brain function, Autism & children with delayed developmental milestones

PurXcel: It is taken #1capsule daily but can be increased to #1 twice daily depending on the severity of health challenges.

Why you should buy PURE products

Besides the testimonies, there are more reasons to buy PURE products. Let’s talk about them.

Our company has signed a Partnership with the Naigerian medical Association for their supplements to be used in all hospitals both for Preventive and Curative pursposes. It has never been the case with other companies.

The second reason why you should buy PURE products is the fact they are Natural Organic supplements.


Don’t wait too long before getting these products. As you may already know, in health sector, the earlier, the better as they say.

We have other posts on other health conditions, like people having eye problem, arthrictes, hepatitis B, Stomach ulcer, high blood pressure. You can check them out.

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