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live pure cleanse

On this page, we are going to tell you how to Live Pure cleanse can be very helpful for your health condition. If you are suffering from Ulcer, infection, or Fibroids, this product is for you. Cleanse is also helpful to those that want to detoxify their body or lose weight.

1. What is Cleanse?

Cleanse is one of Live PURE products. Pure Cleanse is the best-selling product in North America year after year when it comes to cleansing the entire body! Pure Cleanse is a 30 day cleanser that deeply cleans the entire body without the need for a strict diet. It will help ease excretion, improve digestion and increase energy levels.

2. Health benefits of Live PURE Cleanse

  • It promotes colon contractions for gentle relief of constipation
  • cleanse helps support digestive health
  • The product helps to manage weight loss
  • It maintains normal intestinal microflora
  • Cleanse is very effective against a range of bad bacteria like H.pylori, E.coli, staphylococcus aureus & also parasitic fungal-like Candida
  • It detoxifies the body by flushing out the free radicals that breeds cancer of any sort
  • Reawake all dead cells in the body
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3. Health conditions you can use Cleanse for.

First of all, you don’t have to be suffering from any health condition before taking cleanse. Everybody needs to detoxify once in a while as long as we keep taking in foods, drinks. Cleanse is also good for anyone having ulcer, fibroids and infection.

4. Live PURE cleanse for Ulcer

Cleanse has helped many patients that are suffering from Ulcer pain. if you are an Ulcer patient, do yourself a favor by getting Live Pure Cleanse. Below you can see some testimonies of people that have used the products in the past.

See another testimony through a chat with an Ulcer patient below.

ulcer testimonies on whatsapp

5. Live PURE cleanse for Infection

For those suffering from infection and want to get rid of it, get cleanse today for it. 

Please, watch the video below and see how Live PURE Cleanse supplements have helped this woman to treat her infection. 


If you pay attention to her testimony, you will notice she mentioned that the supplement did help her with other health conditions.

6. Live PURE cleanse for Fibroids

Cleanse for fibroids, but best work if you combine it with purxcel and organic sulfur. The treatment of fibroids with Live PURE products depends on the size of it. We do advise our clients to do a scan to know exactly what they are treating. 

We had fibroids patients who utilized the products and got positive outcomes. Below are some of the testimonies.

Another testimony from another lady.

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Testimonies on whatsapp

We do follow up with our clients to see how their health condition is improving and so we were able to get some amazing testimonies as well on whatsapp.

purxcel for fibroids shrinking testimony

purxcel for fibroids shrinking

7. Other products sold by LIVE PURE in Nigeria

Besides cleanse, we have purxcel, daily build, organic ulfur, Sleeptrim, Mila, Goyin. To know the health benefits of these products, check this post.

8. How much is Live Pure Cleanse?

Cleanse is sold at 5.000 naira only per bottle. If you have the intention of using it with any other products of Live PURE, we recommend you go for a pack.

We have a pack fo 51500 naira (ZAR 2,200, or CFA65,880, or 540 GHC) which comes with 6 cleanse and 2 purxcel or the pack of 77k (ZAR 3,200, or CFA98,820, or 810 GHC) which comes with 6 cleanse 4 purxcel and 1 daily build or 1 organic sulfur.

9. How to get the LIVE PURE CLEANSE

Getting the product is an easy process. Please hit us up on whatsapp on +234703 013 8408.

If you are not residing in Nigeria and you want to get PURE products, do let us know by reaching us on whatsapp on +234703 013 8408. We can link you up with someone in your country. We have been doing that as well.


Health is wealth. Take good care of your life.

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